audire1nSED soluzioni has developed an on-board mini unit intended for specific field application of the SED technology. Based on the augmented SDP (Symmetrized Dot Pattern) concept, SED has specified and developed the 3D theory to be able of early malfunction diagnosis and of recognizing the different kinds of failure events. Born for transfer this innovative technology to the market, AUDIRE-05K is an all-in-one unit able to acquire the acoustic pressure field, with embedded SED microphones, and transforming it into high speed, real-time failure monitoring information.
The AUDIRE-05K unit represent for this reason a complete data acquisition, analysis and monitoring device. Due to his compact dimensions (210mm x 115mm x 50mm) and light weight, it is an easy to carry, hand held device. It has a built in and detachable SED acoustic sensor, for pressure field resolution.



The AUDIRE-05K device provides

  • External power socket
  • High capacitance & long life, lithium battery
  • LAN connection
  • WiFi connection (optional)
  • 7” HD LCD TFT screen with touch screen (optional)
  • 1 SED amplified electrets microphone + AAA lithium battery
  • 1 three leg stand suitable for SED acoustic sensor
  • 1 set of wiring and power supply




The AUDIRE 05k integrates a complete DAQ device and a PC with real time analysis capability trough the innovative SED technology.
What makes our technology so special?
Our technology is the only one that is ableto, short time early failure detection and recognizing capability of specific working condition i.e. real time stall detection.Our technology is absolutely not invasive, and is essentially based on advanced analysis of noise.


Where’s the issue?
The issue are essentially about the device learning phase. Before to be completely ready and able to deliver his own full potential, the AUDIRE 05K needs to be instructed about the feature of any failure noise signature of interest. This activity is usually economically feasible only inside the early design and production of the rotating machinery itself even if the device perform this setup with a semiautomatic routine.



What it does?
AUDIRE-05K has as final goal, the real time monitoring of rotating machinery health. Every relevant anomaly, is signaled by an alert message and the event is stored in a time based archive, for further historical analysis. The system also can be set to provide a customizable threshold value, which enable the end user to have an efficient failure or replacement monitoring function, even in forecasting of the actual failure event. In WiFi customized versions, the AUDIRE-05K is also capable of wireless communication of warnings to a central server.