Edge Diagnosis-Prognosis and Data Analytics

The Internet of Things is an “Eco-system game”

Solution require integration of different components supplied by different parties
IIoT – Industrial Internet of Things is:

Machines, devices, computers and people enabling intelligent industrial operations using advanced data analytics for transformational business outcomes
The power of the industrial Internet of Things comes from the ability to collect a lot of data and convert that into useful information

SED is a IIoT dedicated innovative solution factory, able to follow the development of an idea from virtual prototyping to pre-production

SED integrates ideas and technologies in the development of hardware and software solutions for monitoring, control and data analysis

Inspired by insights from Energy, Environment and Process Industries, SED provides:

AUDIRE an innovative technology and solution in process diagnosis and prognosis tools

INTELLIGERE an innovative solution in process analytics

SED over the core capacity in non-intrusive Health Monitoring Solutions


AcoUstic Detection of Instabilities in Rotating Equipments AUDIRE

AUDIRE turning faults’ voices into portraits for Real-Time anomaly detection in industrial IoT systems

What makes AUDIRE technology so disruptive?

AUDIRE provides the only solution and technology available on the market able to shorten early failures detection time and downtimes and recognize specific working conditions i.e. real time anomaly detection.

What makes AUDIRE technology so valuable?


AUDIRE is an original augmented reconstruction algorithm  SDP2® to derive KPIs on duty conditions

AUDIRE is supported by an open-hardware contact-less device


As non-invasive, AUDIRE permits retro-fit applications


INTELLIGERE is a signal analytics platform for industrial system

INTELLIGERE is a combination of advanced analytics and algorithms

INTELLIGERE distillates information about complex processes and system by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on energy efficiency and production targets

INTELLIGERE provides condition monitoring and early detection of anomalies


Maintenance cost – 30%
Unplanned machine failures – 55%
Downtime – 40%
Breakdowns – 70%
Spare and cost – 30%
Mean time to repair (MTTR) – 60%

Sources: a survey of 500 plants by Keith Mobley, “Introduction to Predictive Maintenance”

SED over the core company

SED was founded in 2012 as an academic Spin-off of Sapienza University of Rome, by researchers and entrepreneurs

After the first round of seeding, SED has been self-funded

SED provides innovative technolgies in diagnosis and prognosis, by the combination of Open-HW, Deep Learning & Complex Network Analysis algorithms, data from industrial processes and sensor networks

SED is a multi-award winning Process&Energy Data Intelligence, which in 2015 has launched AUDIRE Tech for Health&Monitoring of industrial machines

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